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Zoom Perfume by Asomatria

Perfume by Asomatria


Asomatria’s olfactory artist, Viktor Van Bramer created this scent unisex scent collaboration for the Hoxton. A warm, woody fragrance includes sandalwood, cade and birch with warm undertones of tonka bean, black pepper and benzoin. An Eau de Parfum, meaning strong, containing up to 30% fragrant materials. Most perfumes contain 15% or below.

A 10 ml bottle encased in a custom wood tube with an “X” representing the Hoxton, the collaboration, and the idea the “X marks the spot”— that you have
found what you are looking for, both in the welcoming embrace of the hotel, and the sensual experience of the perfume.

Alcohol-based. 1.5" x 5.5", 10ml.

About The Maker

Asomatria is an olfactory aesthetic project by artist, florist and self-taught perfumer Viktor van Bramer. The name is a portmanteau of the Latin words ‘asomatus’, which means intangible, and ‘matria’, meaning mother. By bringing them together, Asomatria uses scent to envelop the wearer, attracting that which benefits and protects them. “Each perfume is a painting that is just begun, but the work of art is only ever finished by the wearer,” says Viktor.

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