Hairstyles Tea Towel by Calhoun & Co


This tea towel was designed by Brooklyn illustrator, Kerry Stokes. The inspiration? The amazing diversity of hairstyles that you see in and around Williamsburg. Stokes designs with a little bit of humour, cosy weekend vibes and the intention of spreading a little more kindness into the world. Who wouldn't want a bit of that sprinkled into their homes?

100% flour sack cotton

About The Maker

Calhoun & Co. is a gift and home decor line with the goal of bringing a smile to your face. They’re inspired by community, friendly faces and interesting places. Designs are all based on illustrations and paintings by founder Kerry Stokes (who grew up on Calhoun Avenue). They’re based in Brooklyn and their collection is a mix of small batch handmade items and designs produced here in the USA.