Wood & Faulk, Portland

Wood & Faulk got its name from Woodrow Ave and Faulkner St – two roads in Wichita, Kansas, where founder Matt Pierce honed his skills as a designer, builder and tinkerer. His curiosity – to see how things work, customise and create – led him to start. Originally a blog where Matt would document his DIY projects, Wood & Faulk soon evolved into a brand producing timeless items inspired by his Oregon home and Midwestern roots.

Always designing with function in mind, he hopes to bring a bit of added organisation to your trip with his zippered travel folio made exclusively for The Hox.

Can’t get enough?

Shop his goods at Beam & Anchor, a carefully curated store and creative space by local artists.

Beam & Anchor | 2710 N Interstate Ave, Portland, OR 97227

15 minute Max line